Common sense, education, respect for others and for the environment, the security, tranquility and intimacy of our clients are our legal obligation and main commitment. The acceptance of a reservation implies the acceptance of our internal regulations and the applicable legislation that are published on this website http://www.maginadream.com, in the contract to be signed at the entrance and also exposed in common areas and inside our accommodations. . If there is any aspect that you are not interested in or you think you cannot respect, please consult us in advance or refrain from booking with us.

  1. Access not allowed to unregistered people. Groups, visits and guests not allowed under any circumstances. Parties/events/noises not allowed.
  2. When leaving or entering the house or the compound, always carry your keys and remember to always keep your apartment and the outer door of the compound locked. The establishment is not responsible for your belongings.
  3. Deposit your garbage in the place provided for it, do not accumulate it in your accommodation or in common areas.
  4. No consumables will be supplied during your stay, please, before your arrival, provide what is necessary for your comfort or check availability
  5. Never use liquid fuels to light the fireplace or leave it burning in your absence. The wood must fit inside and never protrude from the fireplace. Be responsible with its use and contact the management for the removal of ashes. It is forbidden to light fires outside from 04/30/2022 to 10/31/2022.
  6. The comfort temperature of the climate control (if any) is automatically regulated; there is no remote. Temperature range: 21 degrees maximum in cold seasons. 24 degrees minimum in hot weather.
  7. Do not flush any object down the toilet. drains are checked after each check-out; charge for unblocking: €150.00. You can ask for a drain check upon arrival.
  8. The pool is shared: respect the safety regulations posted on signs. children never alone, always under adult supervision. During periods of official restrictions due to the covid 19 pandemic or other reasons, respect the shifts, permitted capacity and assigned spaces that are mandatory.
  9. COLD AND HOT WATER: Be brief in its use, it is a scarce commodity. Hot water is not infinite, use it sparingly.
  10. PETS: Admitted one per house with prior authorization. Breeds considered dangerous by Spanish legislation are not allowed: Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu, Akita Inu or any other that due to their attitude we consider a danger for the accommodations, their belongings or other people. In no case can they use beds, sofas, furniture or swimming pool or cause inconvenience to their neighbors. Make sure your pet always relieves itself outside the enclosure. Never leave your pet alone inside the apartment or loose outside.
  11. RESERVATIONS! : 50% total amount in advance, rest on arrival plus deposit plus extra charges. All reservations are non-transferable, we do not admit reservations for third parties or exchange of people during the duration of the reservation, reservation extensions will be made in full. Group reservations of more than six people are not accepted. Minimum reservation: 2 nights, 3 nights on weekends. July, August and special periods: from 6 nights to 14 nights, Bridges: 3 or 4 nights. Amounts on account are not returned, although changes of dates may be considered depending on availability and convenience: Reservations canceled 14 days before or less than the check-in date, without refund or change. Changes to reservations 14 days or less from check-in are not allowed. Deposits are established whose amount depends on the nature of the reservation that will be returned, if applicable, within 7 days following the date of departure, in any case, the return will always be made after cleaning and disinfection of the apartment / room . THE OBJECTIVE THAT IS PURSUED WITH THE DEPOSIT YOU HAVE POSTED IS THAT, ON YOUR DEPARTURE, YOU LEAVE THE FACILITIES IN THE SAME EXISTING CONDITION AT YOUR ARRIVAL AND THAT YOU RESPECT THESE REGULATIONS. Any extra requested will be charged in advance and will be subject to availability. Sheets, towels, firewood or consumables not included in prices, request information.
  12. The natural park where you are is perfectly preserved. Never throw anything on the ground inside or outside the enclosure and do not leave anything abandoned on your walks and please respect nature. When observing wildlife, do so in silence and remember that it is totally forbidden to make fires, collect plants, trap or disturb animals and drive on roads with unauthorized vehicles. Outdoor barbecues can only be lit during periods authorized by the authority, that is, from 10/15 to 04/30 approximately.
  1. APPLICABLE LEGISLATION EXTRACT FROM DECREE 194/2010, OF APRIL 20, ON TOURIST APARTMENT ESTABLISHMENTS (Regarding customer obligations and internal regulations)
    Article 6. Rights and obligations of users.
    Users of tourist apartment establishments have the rights recognized, in general, to users of tourist services in article 23 of Law 12/1999, of December 15. Specifically, users will have the right to demand the conditions, characteristics and benefits concerning the establishment, which appear in the advertising or contract offer made for its commercialization, in accordance with current regulations on advertising, electronic commerce and consumer protection and Username.
    Users of tourist apartment establishments are subject to the obligations established in article 24 of Law 12/1999, of December 15. Specifically, they are obliged to formalize the admission document referred to in article 24 of this Decree, prior to using the facilities.
    Users of tourist apartment establishments are prohibited from:
    a) Introduce furniture in the accommodation units or carry out works or repairs in them, without written authorization from the operating company.
    b) Lodging a greater number of people than the number set in the prior reservation, which can never exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation unit.
    c) Carry out activities or use the accommodation unit for purposes other than those of rural tourism for which it was contracted.
    d) Introduce devices that increase the usual consumption of water, electricity or fuels, without authorization from the operating company or manipulate existing ones causing overconsumption or altering their function. Likewise, the manipulation of security elements is prohibited.
    Article 31 Internal Regime Regulations: Tourist apartment establishments may have an internal regime regulation establishing obligatory rules for users during their stay. The internal regime regulations may determine the conditions of admission, the rules of coexistence and operation, as well as everything that allows and favors the normal enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services, without contravening the provisions of Law 12/1999 , of December 15, nor in this Decree. 3. The internal regulations will always be available to users and will be displayed, at least, in Spanish and English, in a visible place in the concierge-reception of the establishment. If this does not exist, a printed copy will be available in each housing unit. Annex III: 2. If the period of operation includes the months of October to April, both inclusive, they will be equipped with heating capable of reaching and maintaining an ambient temperature of 19ºC during use. in winter at least. (In our establishments we try to ensure that the minimum temperature is 21ºC in winter and a maximum of 24ºC in summer.)

CHECK-IN: FROM 4:30 p.m. TO 8:30 p.m./CHECK-OUT: BEFORE 11:00 a.m.
SWIMMING POOL: FROM 10:00 a.m.. At 8:00 p.m.
SILENCE: FROM 10:00 p.m. At 09:00 a.m

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